About Us

We are a small collective of dedicated anarchist legal support workers who have spent years supporting and fighting for political prisoners, prisoner of war, and politicized prisoners in the so-called united states. Our work has involved support during all stages of a persons case – from arrest through trial and into post-conviction appeals and long term support during a persons time in prison. In 2017 we published “A Tilted Guide to Being a Defendant,” which was the result of a years long effort to distill much of what we had learned over the past decade+ into book format. The guide aims to be a resource for people involved in social struggle and to assist them in navigating their criminal legal charges. It provides a framework for people who are figuring out how to balance their personal, political, and/or legal needs in the context of a politically charged prosecution. We are currently working on a follow-up book which will be a guide for lawyers representing radical clients.

We also offer workshops, webinars, and discussions about the criminal legal system and the ideas presented in our publications to people facing charges and to their supporters. Some of the kinds of things we can talk to you about include: how to approach your case in a way that addresses your politics, how to work with your lawyer, forming a support committee, working with the media, and more.

Contact Us

Email: tiltedscales(A)riseup.net or tiltedscales(A)protonmail.com

Twitter: @_TiltedScales

Instagram: @_tiltedscales