Legal Resources

We believe that our struggles for liberation require creativity, dedication, and the willingness to rebel from lawyers, radical defendants, legal workers and supporters, and everyone else involved in social movements.

Our efforts are guided by the belief that attorneys and their radical clients can work together as collaborators when dealing with repression.

Representation agreements

A well-crafted representation agreement may be useful for radicals facing criminal charges and the attorneys representing them. The following sample representation agreement was provided by Tim Phillips, esq.

joint defense agreements & conflict of interest waivers

Radical movements are relational, and thus cases against radicals often involve codefendants. There are numerous benefits to mounting a joint defense for attorney and radical client alike: political, financial, emotional, and logistical. It is important to note that joint defense doesn’t always mean that each individual client takes the same legal approach to their cases; rather, it means that there are shared agreements about how best to meet the legal and political goals of each individual client and their codefendants. A Joint Defense Agreement and Conflict of Interest Waiver can assist radicals facing criminal charges and their attorney(s) navigate these considerations.

legal organizations

We have compiled a working list of legal and political organizations that may be able to help defendants and/or prisoners.

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