Sample Representation agreement


______________________ (“Client”), does hereby retain Attorney ______________________ (“Attorney”), to represent Client in connection with Client’s arrest on ______________, on the following conditions:

1. Attorney will devote Attorney’s full professional abilities to the case. Attorney reserves the right to withdraw from the case to the extent withdrawing is permitted or required by the [state or federal] Rules of Professional Conduct. Client also has the right to discharge Attorney at any time, and would be entitled to a refund of any portion of the legal fee that has been paid for services that have not yet been provided.

2. Client will pay Attorney the following agreed-on sum for representation: $______ flat fee. This fee includes any restitution hearings related to this case. This fee does not include any appeal or post-conviction proceedings. This fee does not include any subsequent probation or parole violations. This fee does not include any related civil or family court matters. Attorney’s representation will end upon dismissal of the case, entry into an agreement for continuance for dismissal, acquittal, or sentencing. Attorney is not obligated to represent client after that point.

3. Costs of litigation, including subpoena and expert witness fees, investigator fees, process server fees, and the like, are Client’s responsibility, must be paid in advance, and are additional to the above-referenced attorney fee.

4. Client agrees that it is Client’s additional and separate responsibility to pay any fines, discovery costs, restitution, and the like.

5. Client agrees that Attorney has made no promises or guarantees regarding the outcome of Client’s case.

6. Client agrees to review and take notes regarding all audio and video recordings related to Client’s case; and to create a spreadsheet listing Client’s co-defendants, their case numbers, and the names of their attorneys.

7. It is the practice of Attorney to maintain a copy of the essential elements of the file for five years after dismissal, acquittal, or sentencing. This copy may be maintained solely in electronic format. Copies of all documents will be forwarded to Client as requested, and will be considered satisfaction of the client’s right to a copy of the file. Additional copies will be provided for $0.15 per page when a hard copy is requested.

Client agrees that (1) legal fees paid under this agreement will not be held in a trust account, and (2) client will be entitled to a refund of all or a portion of the fees if the agreed-upon legal services are not provided.

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