Table of Contents


Chapter 1: On Being a Defendant

Never Alone
Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand
Know Your Rights—And Use Them!
Going to Court for Your First Hearing
Talking About Your Charges
Talking to Loved Ones
A Word on Media and Social Media
Final Thoughts

Chapter 2: Setting and Balancing Personal, Political, and Legal Goals

Personal Goals
Political Goals
Legal Goals
Balancing Your Goals
Working with Others to Achieve Your Goals

Chapter 3: Common Legal Situations

Some General Advice
Grand Juries
Surveillance and Infiltration
Conspiracy Charges
Terrorism Charges
A Parting Reminder

Chapter 4: Working with Your Lawyer

Hurry Up and Wait
Finding an Attorney
Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Attorney

Chapter 5: Working with Your Codefendants

General Considerations for Working with Your Codefendants
If All of You are in Custody
If Some of You are in Custody and Others are Not
If None of You are in Custody
Non-Association Conditions
When Codefendants Flip

Chapter 6: Working with Your Defense Committee

Common Roles a Defense Committee Plays
Some Considerations for Working with Your Defense Committee
Potential Liabilities of Having a Defense Committee

Chapter 7: Working with the Media

Some Basic Truths about the Media
Engaging the Media as Radicals and Revolutionaries
Strategic Media
Media Strategy
Social Media
Special Considerations for Criminal Charges

Chapter 8: Resolving Your Case

A Conspiracy against Defendants
Preparing to Resolve Your Case
Going to Trial
Negotiating a Plea Agreement

Chapter 9: Surviving in Prison

General Advice
Staying True to You
Political Development in Prison
Staying Connected
Weathering Appeals
Dealing with Loss
Concluding Thoughts


Appendix A: The Criminal Legal Process

1. Grand Jury/Preliminary Hearing
2. Arraignment
3. Bail Hearing(s)
4. Pre-trial Motion Hearings
5. Trial
6. Sentencing
7. Appeals
Final Thoughts

Appendix B: Sample Joint Defense Agreement

Appendix C: Sample Attorney Retainer Agreement